5 Features To Look For In A Family Bed


Around 13 percent of parents in the United States practice some form of bed sharing with their children. Since this practice is increasing in popularity, it is important for parents to consider the benefits and risks associated with sharing a bed with a child during various developmental phases. One of the ways that you can protect your child and ensure that everyone in your family gets a decent amount of sleep is to select an appropriate bed for bed sharing. Below are five features that you should look for if you are considering investing in a long-term family bed. 

Make Sure the Bed Is Large Enough For the Entire Family

While a queen bed or a full bed may be large enough for you and your spouse, bringing a baby into your bed will require considerably more space. As your baby grows into a toddler, they will likely toss and turn in their sleep, which can make your bed even more cramped. You will most likely want to upgrade to a king size bed. A California king bed is slightly narrower than a traditional king size bed, but it is also slightly longer. This can be a good choice if either you or your spouse is tall or if you find yourself moving up or down the bed during your sleep. 

Consider a Family Bunk Bed 

Bunk beds are not just for children. A bunk bed with a queen or king mattress on the bottom and a twin mattress on the top can make an ideal family bed. This allows your entire family to sleep together on one mattress but also has the opportunity for extra space. On nights when you or your spouse are feeling crowded, you can move up to the twin mattress. Additionally, the twin mattress makes an excellent transitional bed for your child when they are ready to sleep in their own bed but not quite ready to move into their own room. 

Consider a Recessed Mattress

When your child is an infant or a toddler, you may want to add safety railings to the side of your bed to prevent them from falling out while they sleep. However, most safety railings are made for toddler beds, which feature mattresses that are considerably thinner than most adult mattresses. To make sure that a bed railing will fit on your bed, choose a bed frame that extends up around the mattress. This way you can purchase a railing that attaches to the bed frame and will keep your child safe. 

Look For High Quality Materials 

With more people sleeping in your bed, it is likely that it will see more wear and tear than a bed that just you and your spouse would use. It will also be supporting slightly more weight. To make sure that your bed lasts and is comfortable, you should choose a frame and a mattress made from quality materials. You may want to consider a solid wood bed frame and a firm pillow-top mattress for extra comfort. 

Consider Extra Storage 

With three (or more) people sharing a bedroom, you may find that you need extra storage. It is a good idea to choose a bed that either has built-in storage underneath the bed or has ample room for you to slide storage containers underneath. You should refrain from box beds with a lifting mechanism as you will be unable to access stored items without disturbing whoever may be sleeping in the bed at that moment. 

If you are considering a family bed, it is important to go to a furniture store, such as Affordable Business Interiors Pre-Owned Furniture, and try out several options to find the best bed that works for your entire family. 


3 June 2016

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