Finding The Right Bedroom Furniture That Will Work From Pre-Teen To Teenage Years


When you have children, finding the right furniture for the time being usually isn't too difficult. A quick set of bunk beds, a dresser and a desk, and you have a complete bedroom set for two young girls who are sharing a bedroom. Problems start when your kids start to get bigger, and they are no longer happy with sharing a bunk bed with a sibling. While you may be left with few options, there are ways you can buy furniture today that will work for your children over the long term. With plenty of options for bedroom furniture, you will be able to find furniture that can convert to a more adult looking bedroom when the time comes.

The Bunk Bed with Couch Below

A great piece of furniture for two younger children who are currently sharing a bedroom is a bunk bed with a twin bed on top and a a full size bed on the bottom that turns into a couch. While the two children are in the bedroom together, the bottom bed can be used as a bed. If the children are able to go in separate bedrooms at some point, the top bunk bed can still be used but the bottom bed becomes a couch so your children can hang out in their room with their friends.

Basic Pieces Work Best

While you may love the cute, pink dresser for your baby's nursery, your child will likely outgrow pink furniture very quickly. Consider investing in more expensive pieces that are more durable than they are cute. With some basic pieces for your child's bedroom, they will be able to keep the furniture for years. If you go with cheaply made furniture, you may find that you need to replace the furniture within a few years. Keep the furniture colors neutral and focus on decorating with color instead.

Have Your Child Help Pick Out the Furniture

While you may not want to give your child free reign in a furniture store, asking their opinion about what type of furniture they would like to see in their bedroom can make a big difference. When your child is allowed to have some input as to what goes in their bedroom, they are more likely to enjoy the furniture that they chose.

When you are struggling to find the right bedroom furniture to grow with your children, don't be afraid to keep it simple. or assistance, talk to a professional like Kettle River.


1 March 2017

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