A Few Tips For Buying A Cheap Quality Mattress


If you've been shopping for a new mattress, you may be shocked at how expensive they are. While you want a quality mattress so you get a good night's sleep, you don't have to spend a fortune. Here are a few ideas for getting a cheap mattress.

Shop During A Sales Promotion

Don't pay full price for a mattress. It isn't difficult to find a mattress sale going on somewhere. If you don't see any sales on the day you shop, just wait a couple of weeks. Also, you may find good deals on mattresses at the end of the year since many people are buying holiday presents at that time rather than mattresses. This can drive down the prices since stores want to move their inventory.

Avoid High-End Department Stores

Some stores have a reputation for selling overpriced clothing and home goods. When you need to buy an expensive item such as a mattress, you should avoid high-end department stores. Instead, shop at a local furniture store or home good store where you can buy a comparable mattress at a lower price. However, you probably want to avoid shopping at a thrift store for a used mattress. Unless you need a cheap mattress for temporary use, you probably won't get your money's worth out of a used mattress, and you might even get a case of bed bugs for your trouble.

Stay With A Basic Mattress

You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a mattress, but unless you have a huge budget, it isn't necessary to buy the latest foam or gel mattress to get the support you need for a good night's sleep. If you stay with a low box frame rather than one with deluxe springs, and buy a standard spring mattress, you'll end up paying less. Also, if you're single, consider buying a twin mattress rather than a full or queen. You'll be able to buy a higher quality mattress and spend less for it if you choose a twin size. Buying a basic no-frills mattress will save money and you can always improve it with a memory foam or gel topper when you can afford to buy one later.

One thing to consider before you go mattress shopping is the purpose of the mattress. If it is for a spare bedroom, then price may be your only consideration, so you'll want to look for the cheapest mattress you can find. However, if you plan to sleep on the mattress every night, you don't want to go for the cheapest. Buy something that's affordable while still being comfortable. Since you won't know how the mattress will feel until you sleep on it, be sure to buy one that you can return within 30-90 days so you can get your money back if you don't like it.


31 March 2017

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