3 Tips For Updating Your Dining Room


The dining area may be one of the last areas of your home that is updated. Fortunately, keeping your changes simple will allow you the most versatility if you change the decor multiple times in the future.

Select Timeless Pieces

The major focus of your dining room will be your dinette set. It is best to choose a set that will match any almost any decor and will remain attractive for decades into the future. One option is to choose a table with a metal frame and glass surface. For the metal frame, black or gray is the most universal options. The combination of metal and glass furniture can also give your dining room a more modern feel. If you would prefer a classic look, stick with a wood dining table. Deep, rich wood colors such as cherry or mahogany can make your table look more sophisticated. When considering the chairs in your dining room set, test them out before making your decision. You want options that are sturdy and will likely last for many years. Options without arms, a high back, and some cushioning will be the most universally comfortable.

Revamp The Floors

Your dining room can be a high-traffic area, especially if you have daily family meals and/or entertain guests. Installing a new floor can improve the look of your dining room while making the area easier to maintain. One of the easiest options for flooring in the dining room is wood. There are an array of finishes and installation methods to fit most dining areas and budgets. If you are simply updating the look of your dining room, consider flooring you can install yourself, such as panels that snap together. Another benefit to this flooring method is it is easy to maintain, especially if you have young children. The dining area will have plenty of food spills and crumbs. You want flooring that is easy to vacuum or sweep and wipe up without causing damage.

Consider The Ambiance

You may want more versatility in your dining area so you can set different moods for the occasion. Start off with a basic color scheme such as off-white, gray, or other soft neutral colors. You can add pops of color with flowers, dinnerware, or art. Typically, cool colors or deeper tones will make the area feel more mellow and sophisticated, while warmer, bright tones can add energy to the area. To modify the ambiance, consider the lighting for your dining area. Overhead lighting, such as a chandelier, is the easiest way to illuminate the area. However, you also want the ability to dim your overhead lights if you want to set a mellow or romantic mood.

Updating your dining room is a fun way to add character to any home. Making a few, but impactful changes will help you create an area that is appropriate for any dining occasion.


11 June 2017

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