Defining What A Furniture Contractor IS And DOES


If you have never heard the phrase, "furniture contractor," you are not alone. Most people associate "contractor" with someone who provides a construction or demolition service, not with furniture. However, furniture contractors have been around as long as brick masons and carpenters. Here is more about what a furniture contractor is and what he/she does:

Furniture Contractors Contract to Build Custom Furniture

Not surprisingly, furniture contractors contract to build custom furniture. Unlike furniture factories that crank out the exact same pieces of furniture on an assembly line, a furniture contractor takes your order for very specific pieces. Then he/she designs the pieces, builds them, and brings them to you.

Your Furniture Order

You can show the contractor examples of what kinds of furniture you like. You can request similar furniture with different finishes, materials, textiles, and even sizes. The furniture contractor goes back to his/her office, designs the furniture you have requested. Then he/she presents the designs to you for your approval.

The Furniture Is Crafted

A furniture contractor is an artisan. He or she crafts furniture from designs you have seen and approved. The furniture may be created quickly, as is the case with metal-framed furniture and removable cushions, or slowly, as is the case with chairs that are double-wide to accommodate big and tall people. Anything with ornate designs, such as carved and scrolled wooden armrests, takes a lot longer, too.

The Contractor Provides Quotes after You Have Approved Designs

Unlike other contractors who can provide a quote after they have seen the project at hand, furniture contractors cannot provide a quote until you have approved the designs. Then he/she can give you a price quote based on materials, the size of each piece, and how long he/she expects it will take to craft each piece that you have ordered.

Examples of True Custom Furniture and Furniture Contractors

While it is easy to define and describe furniture contractors and what they do, most people would prefer to see some examples. Companies like Knoll Furniture can provide you with such examples. They do much of the furniture requested by businesses, law firms, and doctors' offices. You have probably sat in a chair made by this company at some point!

Furniture contractors also make random pieces, which they sell through furniture distributors. If you want to see more, check with your local furniture stores. Ask to see whatever custom pieces they have on hand. Contact a company like Evenson Best for more information and assistance. 


9 August 2017

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