Dressing Up Your Foyer Or Entryway


If you've got a small foyer or entryway in your home, it can often seem empty. Other than a small stand for umbrellas, you may not think there's much you can do with such a small space. Dress up the area with these suggestions.

Purchase a Custom Storage Crate

You may have looked around the stores for a wood storage crate that fits in your particular foyer, without luck. Luckily, you can easily opt to purchase a custom wood crate. Because the crate is custom-made, you can use the dimensions of your entryway to dictate just the right size. Not only that, but you can choose the type of wood that best fits in with the overall ambiance of your home. You can even ask for inserts that will separate items or give each person in your home their own personal space.

Once you've ordered and received your custom storage crate, you can put it in the entryway and use it for shoes, raincoats, or other items. You might want to splurge on a soft cushion for the top of it so that someone can slip on their shoes before they leave the house or sit while awaiting friends or a ride.

Look into crates made by companies like B & ME Woodworking to get something custom for your home.

Create a Hook Board

Another way to dress up the entryway is to make a hook board that you can hang keys, bookbags, or coats on. This can be a simple home project made by yourself or the kids. Taking a sturdy piece of wood, apply paint and different-sized hooks. Then, attach the wood to the wall at a height that everyone can easily reach. This can clear up room in your closets and allow everyone to remember to take what they need for the day.

Hang Pictures

A great way to express the spirit of your family to visitors is to welcome them into your home with thought-out pictures in the foyer. Smiling pictures of the people who live inside the house can be a warm way to greet anyone who visits.

The guests aren't the only ones to impress; you might hang pictures displaying inspirational quotes so that when your family is coming or leaving, they can be reminded of family values.

Your entryway or foyer can become a vital part of the house with these added details. Talk more about it with family, retailers, and interior design professionals who can provide input and helpful ideas about fresh touches for the space.


13 September 2017

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