3 Features To Look For In Quality Bunk Beds For Your Children's Bedroom


In the eyes of a child, there is something that is just so neat about two beds that are stacked on top of one another. In the eyes of a parent, there is something so convenient about having vertical beds that don't take up as much space. It is for this reason that bunk beds remain such a popular fixture in a child's bedroom. There are many types of bunk beds to choose from, so finding the best can be a challenge. Here is a look at the top three features you should be looking for in quality bunk beds for your children's bedroom:


Your little ones may be excited about sharing bunk beds now, but in a few years, there's a possibility that this could change. Your children may prefer to have their bed all to themselves or they may even be split into separate bedrooms. If you are buying bunk beds for one child who frequently has a friend over to stay the night, this too may eventually change. Because of this, it is important to invest in bunk beds that can be disassembled and used as two separate beds if the need arises down the road. 


Bunk beds require one bed to be up off of the ground several feet. Therefore, one child will be climbing up to get into their bed and sleeping on a mattress that is far off of the floor. Because of this, safety is a huge concern when you are shopping for the best bunk beds for your children's room. Make sure the bunk bed has a good, sturdy ladder that is constructed of durable materials and able to hold weights. Look for safety railings along the sides of the top bunk so there's no danger that a child could roll out of bed. 


There are all kinds of bunk beds available that are made from everything from hard plastics to metal. However, the highest quality bunk beds are made to last, built only with quality materials that are known to withstand heavy usage. For example, a lot of bunk beds are created with typical wood veneers, such as pine or poplar, but these woods are not always as durable in veneer forms and can splinter or break. Even though the bunk beds created with higher quality materials will be a little more costly, they are well worth the price because they can withstand years of use and remain stable. 

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7 October 2017

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