Whether Modern Or Rustic, The Numerous Finishes And Styles Let Concrete Countertops Fit Perfectly Into Any Kitchen


If you are considering a kitchen remodel or just want to update your kitchen countertops, you may have noticed concrete as a potential option. There are two main reasons that concrete countertops are gaining in popularity. Unlike solid stone countertops, the final appearance of the countertop can be customized according to your desires and unlike synthetic countertops, they're naturally heat resistant and are suitable in style for a rustic country kitchen. Here are some answers to questions that you may have if you are wondering if concrete countertops are a good fit for your next kitchen remodel.

What Styles Do Concrete Countertops Come In?

Understanding about concrete helps you understand how concrete countertops allow for so many different options and styles. Concrete is simply an aggregate (small chunks of stones) mixed with a binding agent such as cement that causes it to become perfectly solid once it cures. The stones used in concrete can be varied and mixed with other particles such as glass, small bits of tile or seashells in order to add a unique character to your countertop. Since the added stone or material is mixed right into the concrete, it integrates the unique coloration straight into the concrete itself; there are no stains applied to the concrete that may fade over time. That's why concrete countertops are offered in such an amazing variety of color and style combinations that ensure your concrete countertop will be unique. Concrete countertops can also be finished with either a matte finish or a high-gloss finish unlike other countertop options. A matte finish helps the shine of your appliances stand out in contrast to the countertop, whereas a high-gloss finish can mimic the appearance of solid stone.

Will A Concrete Countertop Crack?

Concrete countertops that are poured directly onto the counter space (after a bit of preparation from you or the contractor) are very vulnerable to cracking while they cure. It also takes poured concrete a month to cure and you will be unable to use the countertops during this period. However, pre-set concrete that is prepared and cured at the contractor's facility on a level grade will not form cracks during the curing process. It may develop hairline cracks over time due to the natural settling of your house or because appliances and cabinetry expand slightly during hot weather, but these can add to the unique character of a concrete countertop and contribute to the rustic appearance.

Are Concrete Countertops Easy To Maintain?

In addition to being less expensive than solid stone options such as granite or marble, concrete countertops are easier to maintain. They're more resistant to chipping than solid stone due to the structure of concrete. Much like solid stone, you do have to be careful with metal utensils and plates as both may scratch the surface of your countertop. You'll also have to regularly apply sealant; your contractor will give you a recommended schedule of how often to apply sealant, as how often you need to apply sealant depends on the material used in the countertop and the type of finish that you request.

Overall, concrete countertops can fit into any potential kitchen redesign due to their ability to be customized exactly how you want them to be. They are easy to maintain and are less expensive than other countertop options; in addition, the fact that no two concrete countertops are the same brings a unique character to your kitchen that is difficult to replicate with other countertop materials. Contact a company, like CSW Concrete Steel & Wood, for more help.


23 December 2017

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