How To Select The Perfect Recliner For Your Pad


For many, the recliner is the ultimate piece of furniture. You can sit back in it and enjoy hours of comfort, without a care in the world. If you're in the market for a new recliner for your pad, this buying guide can help you make the right decision. 

Pay Attention to the Frame

There are a lot of parts to focus on when buying a recliner, but none are more important than the frame. After all, this is the foundation that gives recliners support. If it's not built well, the recliner could collapse without warning. You don't want this happening after investing hundreds of dollars.

Look underneath the recliner and see how the frame is built. The frame should be supported by heavy-duty screws, not plastic fasteners that can't support that much weight. If the frame is composed out of wood, make sure the wood species is durable and of the highest quality. You may have to pay more, but the extra support ensures your recliner's longevity. 

Take It for a Test-Drive

When it comes to recliners, looks should always come secondary to performance and comfort. After all, you probably will spend a lot of time in this chair watching your favorite movies and television shows. As such, you need to take various recliners for a test-drive by actually sitting on them in person. 

See how each recliner supports your body and assess the range of motion provided. Also take into account the material of each recliner. Leather looks nice, but it tends to stick to skin when it gets hot. A soft, plush fabric may be a better option. 

Assess the Different Features 

Nowadays, recliners come with all sorts of novel and practical features. You'll need to consider each one so that you choose a recliner you enjoy sitting in for hours. If you have chronic back pain, for example, consider a recliner with built-in massagers. They'll work out the kinks in your neck and back, and there are several different speed settings you can select from.

Or, you may need a recliner that has lighted cup holders on each side. They prevent your drinks from spilling, and the lights guide you when placing your drink down at night. Then there are recliners with lifts, which help you get in and out if you're not as mobile. 

There are so many great recliner choices today. You can choose the perfect one if you assess the right specs, such as materials, features, and comfort. 


18 January 2018

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