How To Use Chalk Paint To Update Any Piece Of Outdoor Furniture


Chalk paint is a type of paint containing minerals such as calcium carbonate. These minerals allow the paint to adhere easily to surfaces that would normally require sanding and priming. It also dries into a beautiful matte finish with a vibrant color. It resists water well and doesn't experience problems with bubbling or cracking like many latex-based paints.

Since it adheres to all surfaces, it can be used on all the typical materials used in the construction of exterior furniture such as softwood, iron, vinyl and aluminum. It can also be thinned slightly and used in a paint sprayer, allowing you to easily paint outdoor chairs or tables with many crevices. Here's how to get the best results when painting exterior furniture with chalk paint.

Use Furniture Designed for The Outdoors

While chalk paint resists water, it doesn't make furniture waterproof by itself. Hardwood furniture meant for interior use will be damaged by rain and humidity along with the normal heating and cooling cycles experienced by exterior furniture. The wood will expand, causing it to crack and bubble. Softwood furniture (such as teak, bamboo or cane) will give you the best results.

Paint Furniture When It's Completely Dry

One of the benefits of chalk paint is that it requires no preparation work before you begin painting since the paint adheres well to all surfaces without the need for sanding or priming. However, these surfaces need to be completely dry before you begin painting. Excess moisture on the furniture surface will thin the chalk paint, causing it to run and form streaks. You may have to bring softwood furniture (such as teak outdoor furniture) into your home, allowing the furniture to dry out before painting it.

Seal Wood With Exterior-Grade Polyurethane, Not Wax

While wax is the typical finish for interior furniture painted with chalk paint, it doesn't hold up well in the outdoors. Sunlight prevents the wax from fully curing and causes discoloration. Rain and outdoor humidity also make the wax too moist, causing it to flow freely and form clumps or streaks.

Instead, you'll need to use exterior-grade polyurethane to finish outdoor wooden furniture. This is sometimes also called marine-grade polyurethane. This type of finish is oil-based and repels water away from your furniture, preventing water damage. Apply the finish outside during a dry day for best results – the fumes from the polyurethane can be overwhelming or even dangerous since they are flammable.

Note that you should never apply polyurethane over a wax finish that has not fully cured. The wax will repel the polyurethane and prevent it from drying. Remove wax before finishing using mineral spirits.

Another benefit of chalk paint is that you can buy chalk paint in two different colors and blend them to create the perfect shade of color for your outdoor furniture – you can do this before painting to create an entirely new shade or feather the two colors into each other while painting to create a gradient. This allows you to bring your patio or backyard into your own unique style by choosing your favorite colors, making chalk paint the easiest way to update your exterior furniture and bring it in line with your own personal tastes.


15 February 2018

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