Are You Decorating Your Master Bedroom?


Are you replacing old furniture with an entire new set? Perhaps you are newlyweds who were lucky enough to get money as gifts from several people on your guest list, and you are decorating your very first master bedroom. Whatever the case might be, from selecting furniture sets to buying accent pieces, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive master bedroom.

Furniture Sets - Do you already know the style of furniture you want? If not, think about going to different furniture stores to see the way their decorators have arranged complete bedroom furniture sets. By doing this you will more than likely find that you are attracted to certain styles over and over again. For example, you might be drawn to bedroom furniture that has sleek, simple lines as the design. If that's the case, you probably will want to establish a contemporary look in your master bedroom. Are you finding that you go toward traditional styles, maybe like those in the homes you grew up in? If so, you'll more than likely want to buy traditional furniture that mixes easily with many other design pieces. Do you want a rustic feeling in your master bedroom? If so, look for things like wooden furniture that has a rustic feeling to it. Another idea is to find out from the salespeople if you can buy partial sets of furniture. For example, you might love the headboard of one set, but prefer end tables from a different set. 

Accent Pieces - While it's super nice and very convenient to buy a furniture set with pieces that complement each other, you probably want to give the furniture set your own individual look. For example, if you have chosen to establish a contemporary look in your master bedroom, consider adding throw pillows with a Picasso-like design. For the traditional furniture set you might select, consider buying a beautiful lace table runner to place on the chest that goes with your bedroom set. Artwork will add to the style you want to set in your master bedroom, too. If you have chosen a contemporary look, think of framing kid's art in colorful frames. For a more traditional feeling, consider framing things like floral pictures, landscapes or country scenes. If you have gone with rustic furniture for your bedroom, consider framing things like farm scenes and photographs of old villages.


19 September 2018

tips for repairing damage to your furniture

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