3 Major Reasons To Use Wooden Bookcases In Your Home


Do you have too many things, especially books? Are you thinking about buying some extra shelves to hold everything but you're not sure which ones to buy? If you go to a store or look online, you can find a dizzying array of shelves and bookcases for sale from the super cheap to the ultra-swanky. Their attributes can also sometimes be conflicting because there is no one "best" bookcase or shelf that fits everyone. But the one that seems to be the best compromise between the other types is those that are made of wood. When compared to plastic, metal, or particle board, wood has several advantages. These include:

Solid construction: While you would expect a metal shelf to be sturdy, this isn't necessarily the case. Unless you spend a lot of money on reinforced utility shelving, chances are good that the shelf will be made out of folded sheet metal. This might seem to be as strong as wood bookcases, but it may only need a relatively small dent in one of the shelves for that shelf to start to start to collapse and bring everything down. Plastic is often similarly flimsy, especially when you expect the shelves to hold heavy books. Shelves made of good solid wood aren't going to crack or chip easily and damage to part of it doesn't generally render the whole thing unusable.

Aesthetics: When you want to proudly display your collection of books, aesthetics matter. Cheap shelves tend to look cheap and can stick out like a sore thumb in a room. They may be fine as temporary measures, but if you want something that you can actually decorate around then you should look at wood bookcases. Whether you like dark or light, simple or ornate, you can find them in just about any style you can dream up.

Repairability: If you damage a plastic shelf, a metal shelf, or a shelf made of particle board then that's generally it. The whole unit has to be thrown away and replaced. You may be able to recycle them but you will most likely be unable to fix them and get them back to their former usefulness. Of course, although wood bookcases are solid and durable, nothing lasts forever. But when you damage a bookcase made of wood, these things can often be repaired. A skilled carpenter can replace the damaged shelf with very little trouble, restoring the entire bookcase to its original form for a fraction of what it would cost to toss it out and replace the entire thing.


29 October 2018

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