3 Solid Materials To Consider When Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets


Renovating the kitchen is a fun endeavor to take on as a homeowner, especially if your kitchen hasn't changed in quite some time. There are so many directions you can go in, particularly with your kitchen cabinets. One factor you'll certainly want to consider when upgrading these cabinets is material. Here are three worth considering. 


One cabinet material that many homeowners favor over many others is hardwood. It's an extremely beautiful option that comes in a lot of wood varieties, including redwood, cherry and oak. 

You'll pay more for these cabinets, but what you lose in price, you more than make up for in durability. Hardwood cabinets can last for decades as long as they're properly cared for. This will involve cleaning and possibly putting protective finishes on them from time to time. Still, in terms of natural beauty and warmth, hardwood cabinets are truly amazing.


If you don't have a lot of money to spend on this kitchen upgrade, you don't have to worry. Plywood is an economical choice that still comes with a lot of advantages. For example, plywood cabinets are not prone to expanding or shrinking as the temperatures in your home change. You thus don't have to worry as much about cabinet warping.

When screws or nails are driven threw plywood cabinets, cracks and structural defects will not occur. There are so many color varieties with plywood cabinets as well, from dark reds to light greens. The design possibilities are endless, which is nice if you're looking to create a truly distinct aesthetic in the kitchen.

Wood Veneer 

If you like the aesthetics and durability of solid wood yet don't want to spend a fortune, then wood veneer sheets are a great option. They're essentially thin sheets that can be equipped to your current cabinets.

You thus don't have to spend as much money since not as many materials are required for this upgrade. Wood veneer sheets are fairly durable and simple to install. You could probably take care of their installation yourself and save even more money. Finally, wood veneer sheets are an eco-friendly option.

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little dated or you just like change, there are plenty of replacement materials to consider. Which one you choose ultimately will depend on your particular budget, attribute preferences, and kitchen theme. Just make sure you think about the long-term sustainability of the material chosen so you have no regrets. 


9 February 2019

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