Three Things To Know About Buying A Firm Mattress


If you're someone who enjoys a high degree of support while you sleep, you've likely made up your mind that you want a firm mattress. When you go shopping for new mattresses, you might gravitate toward those that are marked as firm, and lie on each of them to see how they feel under the weight of your body. Even if you have an intention to buy a firm mattress, it's a good idea to talk to an experienced salesperson to ensure that this style of mattress is best for you. You can also benefit from knowing the following things about buying a firm mattress.

Firmness Can Often Vary

It's important for you to know that firmness can vary from one mattress manufacturer to another. If you have experience being comfortable on one brand's firm mattress, you shouldn't assume that another brand's firm mattress will be perfect for you. Firmness can also vary based on the thickness of different mattresses. For example, a firm-rated mattress that is very thick might actually feel a little more bouncy than a firm-rated mattress that is thin. Trying out a number of brands and thicknesses will give you the highest probability of buying a mattress that offers your preferred amount of firmness.

You Can Soften A Firm Mattress

Should you get the mattress home, sleep on it for a few nights and realize that it's a little too firm for your taste, you don't have to be uncomfortable. Instead, return to the mattress store and shop for a topper. A thin topper placed over your mattress can be an effective way to soften its firmness. You'll still get the overall firm structure of the mattress while you sleep, but you'll get to enjoy a little softness immediately beneath you. Your salesperson can suggest some mattress toppers based on your criteria.

It Will Provide Effective Support

While you might be leaning toward buying a firm mattress simply because it feels comfortable when you lie on it, it's important to know that this type of mattress is optimal for providing effective support. Softer mattresses can sag beneath the weight of your body — especially if you're heavy — and this can result in back and neck pain. Your mattress salesperson might be eager to show you how when you lie on a firm mattress, your body stays fairly aligned. This can be effective for sleeping free of pain and also not feeling pain in the morning.


21 November 2019

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