Go To A Showroom Before You Buy Your Office Furniture


Shopping for office furniture can be quite stressful. Sure, there are a lot of options to buy online and have it all delivered, but then, there's the anxiety of not knowing the true quality and size of the furniture until it arrives at your business or home. Here, you'll find a few tips that will assist you with finding the perfect office furniture at a local showroom.

Create a Project Board

Get yourself a sheet of cardboard, as well as samples of each color in the space – so a swatch of flooring, wall color, any upholstered furniture and/or drapes in the room – you want a small sample of each remaining item in the space included on the board.

Include measurements on your project board. You need the true measurements of the room, as well as those items that are remaining or will be put back in the office once the new furniture comes. This means that you'll need to measure your computer tower, the printer, the filing cabinet – anything that you'll need in that space to be productive.

Take this board with you to your local showroom to coordinate colors and ensure that the furniture will fit the space properly.

Test the Furniture

While shopping at the showroom, you'll get the hands on experience that you need to guarantee that the furniture will fit you well and is built well. Sit behind the desk and open all of the drawers and cabinets – does everything fit well and do the drawers seem secure?

If you find a desk chair and a desk that you like, don't hesitate to ask to have that chair brought over to the desk that you like. You need to see how the two pieces will fit together. Will you have enough space to turn the chair without it getting caught up on the desktop? Will you be able to sit with good posture so that your back, shoulders and neck don't hurt by the end of the day? If not, keep swapping the chairs until you find the perfect fit.

Some showrooms offer delivery for a fee - sometimes, they waive that fee when your order meets certain guidelines. Talk with the sales associate for help finding the right furniture and get you the best deal in getting it delivered and possibly set up in your home or work office. In the end, you'll get the furniture that you need without having to return anything or struggle with the fit in the space.


21 February 2020

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